Where To Place Security Cameras Within Your Small Business

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If you are the owner of a small retail store, and you have been dealing with people stealing some of your merchandise, you likely want to thwart this behavior so you do not lose more money. One way to aid in minimizing the loss of goods is with the installation of security cameras within your establishment. If you are ready to purchase a security camera system, you need to know the proper placement of individual cameras so they best work to your benefit.

Indicate The Presence Of Cameras For Awareness

One important step is alerting those who are coming into your store that you have cameras on the premises. This step alone is one that can help to stop theft from occurring as people who see the sign will be less apt to try to steal because of the possibility of being caught. Many security camera system companies provide their clients with signs that they can place on front doors or a nearby window to promote awareness to those who see them.

Allow Some Cameras To Be Noticeable

Instead of hiding all of your cameras within your establishment, it is wise to have a couple of them in view. This will remind those who come into your store that you do indeed have a security system in place. Position a camera near your cash register area as this is one of the prime areas where theft occurs. This will protect your workers and provide you with information about who was near the cash registers should the registers be short on the total amount of change in the drawer. Another camera should be placed near your entryway. This way you will have documented information about each person that came into your establishment, making it easier to find a perpetrator should a theft happen.

Obscure Remaining Cameras In Key Areas

In addition to visible cameras, have some hidden from view. Place them in spots where valuables are located so you can press charges against someone who steals something expensive, perhaps helping you to get a return on your loss. Invest in a camera system that includes small cameras that can be tucked between wall panels, inside plants, or behind pictures on walls. Small cameras are less noticeable and still provide sharp images and videos to look back on if you need to evaluate footage to determine whether something was stolen and who had stolen it.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for security camera systems near you.