Why Alarm Monitoring Is Essential for Your Commercial Building

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As a business owner, you understand the importance of protecting your company's assets. From the technology your employees use to the physical space where your products are stored, every inch of your commercial building deserves the best security system possible. One of the most important components of that system is alarm monitoring.

Comprehensive Protection

A burglar alarm system might alert you to a security breach, but it doesn't offer the same level of comprehensive protection as an alarm monitoring system. With alarm monitoring, you’ll be notified instantly at the first sign of a security risk, day or night. You’ll have trained security professionals who will respond to your alarms 24/7. When your alarm is triggered, the alarm monitoring company will alert the appropriate authorities to contain the situation before it gets out of hand.

Remote Access

An alarm monitoring system provides you with remote access to your security system. Whether you're across the street or the country, you'll always be in control of your commercial building’s security. You can arm and disarm your system remotely, check video cameras, and receive alerts and notifications that relate to your specific security preferences. 

Legal Compliance

If your commercial building experiences theft or a break-in, you’ll need to prove that you’ve taken the necessary steps to secure your property. Alarm monitoring is an excellent way to show that you’ve taken your security measures seriously. It can also ensure that you’re meeting any required local legal compliance related to security systems that your business needs to have in place. Alarm monitoring can be a deciding factor when it comes to fines, penalties, and being considered liable in the event of a security breach.

Insurance Benefits

Most business insurance companies offer discounts or require alarm monitoring for company properties. A monitored security system can significantly decrease your company’s insurance premiums. The added benefit of insurance companies offering discounts is proof that alarm monitoring can deter risks and protect your commercial building. 

Peace of Mind

As a business owner, you’ll rest easier knowing that your company and its assets are protected adequately around the clock. You can focus on your work knowing that your building and all it contains are secure. 

With 24/7 monitoring, remote access, legal compliance, insurance benefits, and ultimate peace of mind, there's no reason to question whether alarm monitoring is right for your commercial building. Consider alarm monitoring as a necessary, even essential, element of your business security system, and make sure that your company and its assets remain safe and secure. 

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