Familiarize Your Family With A New Alarm System And Practice Evacuating Your Home

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If you, your spouse, and your two teenaged children live in a town that is fairly populated, which has prompted you to have an alarm system installed in your residence, ensuring that you and your family members know how to use the alarm and what to do in case of an emergency can be life saving and can reduce the chances of your home being subjected to theft or burglarly. Use the tips below to familiarize everyone with the alarm system and practice what to do in case an intruder attempts to break in. 

Learn How The System Works And Memorize The Code

When the alarm system is installed, make sure that your family members are present so that they can familiarize themselves with the system and learn how it works. A technician who installs your system can explain what various butttons on the unit are for and will provide you with a code that can be used to activate and deactivate the system.

Ask the technician if you and your family members can each take a turn engaging and disengaging the unit. Write down the security code and request that your family members memorize it. Place the written code in a drawer or on a shelf so that you can retrieve it if anyone forgets the numbers that need to be pressed into the unit's keypad. 

Create An Evacuation Plan And Clear An Exit Way

Sit down with your family to discuss an evacuation plan that will be used in case of an emergency. Discuss various situations in which each person should consider themselves to be placed in danger so that they can respond quickly to exit the home. For instance, if a family member is at home alone and the alarm system goes off and one of the door's to your home is open, the person should not take any chances and should assume that an intruder is present.

Choose a neighbor's home or a safe spot outdoors where each person can go if an emergency arises. Because the alarm system will notify an emergency response team, each person can remain in a safe spot until help arrives, which should be shortly after the alarm turns on. Make sure that there is a clear way to exit your home, such as through a back door or porch and periodically check the exit to ensure that no items are obstructing it. 

Practice Drills

Hold random emergency drills with your family so that everyone will be used to leaving the home in a timely manner. During each drill, pay attention to how swiftly your family members move. Remind everyone to remain calm as they exit the home so that they do not accidentally fall and injure themselves. Time you and your family members as you evacuate so that you can determine how long it takes for everyone to safely exit your home. 

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