How a Fire Hose Can Be Used to Protect Your Building Against Intruders

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When you have not quite installed your security system, and it is just a few days away from completion, you might be wondering what you can do in the meantime. Consider how you protected your building before you decided to install a security system. What worked? What did not? Then consider some of the other temporary means of protecting your building against burglars and invaders, such as a fire hose. Here is how a fire hose can be a very effective means of temporarily protecting your property.

Water Pressure Equals Power

If you have never wielded a fire hose, you may be in for quite a surprise. The water pressure in the reserve tank in the walls is intense. If you pull the fire hose out to deal with an intruder and decide to crank open the water valve, make sure you have a powerful grip on something and brace yourself for the force of the water. As far as the other end of the hose is concerned, you may have seen what the police have done with picketers and protesters and a fire hose. That much water pressure will deliver quite a blast, one that renders the receiver senseless and knocks them on their bottom. That should give you enough time to exit the building or find a safe spot from which to call the police.

Water Hoses Are Thick and Tough Enough for Restraints

In the event that you knock your intruder unconscious but have no rope or ties to restrain the intruder until the police arrive, a fire hose can work great. It is exceptionally tough and very thick, making it an impossible material from which to break free. Try to avoid tying the intruder up with it because this is not very safe. Instead, place the unconscious intruder in a closet and use the fire hose to restrain the door, pulling the hose as taut as you can in front of the door or around the handle. If you do not have any available closet space in your building, then you can use the fire hose as rope.

Soaking the Floor and Stairs with Water May Prevent Intruder Advancement

Finally, use the water in the fire-hose reserve tank to make floors really slippery. Intruders can slip and fall, making it very difficult for them to pursue you. Just be sure to leave yourself an "out" that is dry so that you do not fall prey to your own security measure.