Use Security Cameras To Film Your Employees Only If You Deal With These Issues

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In an office setting, security cameras placed near the front reception, mounted in the parking lot, and in other locations can be helpful to dissuade people who may wish to break and enter and provide valuable evidence for the authorities in the event of a crime. In general, it's a poor idea to mount security cameras in your employees' offices; this can make them feel closely monitored and provide the feeling that they're not trusted by management. However, there may be some times that you want to temporarily mount cameras so that your employees are recorded. Here are some examples.

You Suspect An Employee Is Stealing

Employee theft is a serious concern, whether it's an employee stealing office items for his or her personal use or someone stealing secrets to perhaps pass to a competitor. In either scenario, a security camera can be the right tool for capturing the employee in the act. Depending on your suspicions, you may wish to mount a security camera in the employee's office or near his or her work station, or mount a camera in an area where office items have been disappearing.

You Believe Harassment Is Taking Place

Workplace harassment can be a huge problem, both to the employee at the receiving end of these acts and to the employer, who may face legal issues in the wake of the harassment coming to light. Harassment can often be a case of he said, she said, which puts you in a difficult position — you don't want to ignore the accuser is the case is legitimate, nor do you want to terminate the accused if the claims are untrue. Security cameras can prove valuable in this scenario. They can capture unwanted contact between employees, for example, to allow you to move forward as you need to.

You've Heard Someone Is Acting In An Unsafe Manner

In certain workplace environments, unsafe behavior can have deadly consequences. For example, an employee in a shop may be using a piece of machinery such as a forklift in a manner that puts other employees at risk. A security camera mounted in the right location can help you capture the person in the act. You can then proceed with disciplining the individual or terminating him or her, and you'll have the footage to support your decision in the event that the person decides to hire an attorney and proceed with legal action for wrongful dismissal.

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