How Your Smartphone Can Help Keep Your Home Secure

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If you're anything like the average person, you use your smartphone to stay connected with work and friends, surf the web, and play an occasional game. Why not use your phone to keep your home secure? With more than 2 million home burglaries occurring every year, it's estimated that a break-in occurs once every 15 seconds. Let technology work to your advantage to keep your home protected.

Home Automation

Staying late at work and need to turn on the lights? Were you rushing to get out the door this morning and can't remember if you locked the front door? A home automation system can resolve these worries for you.

These systems allow you to perform a number of functions right from the palm of your hands on your smartphone, or any other internet-enabled device. In terms of security, turning on the lights can give a signal that someone is home to ward off a burglar, and ensuring the doors are locked keeps your home more secure.

Video Doorbell

Most thieves try to sneak in a home without anyone seeing them. However, there are a bold few that will literally walk right up to the front door. A video doorbell comes in handy for this group. A video doorbell functions the same as a traditional doorbell, except for the fact that it's equipped with a camera.

Whether you're home or away, when someone comes into the view of the camera, you will get an alert on your phone, even if they don't ring the bell. With this alert, you can communicate through the bell or alert the authorities of a possible intruder right away.

Security System Control Panel

With smartphone technology, you can have your security system's control panel with you wherever you are in the form of an app. It doesn't matter if you're at work or out and about with friends, with the control panel on your phone, you can activate and deactivate your alarm, respond to an alarm trigger, and call on authorities for assistance.

This type of feature isn't just helpful for keeping your home secure, but if you have children who stay at home alone, you can keep a better eye on them to keep them protected.

Don't limit the potential of your smartphone. It's not just for fun and communicating. A security system professional can help you use technology and your smartphone to keep your home protected.