Hire a Security Guard to Protect Your Business in These Ways

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When many business owners decide to hire a security guard, they do so in order to create a visible security presence that can hopefully deter shoplifting and other such crimes. However, having a uniformed security guard on your premises isn't the only way to use this security expert. Many security services can provide guards who work in street clothes, allowing them to provide insight on several topics that can hopefully make your business more secure—and, in the end, save you money. Here are some different ways that a plainclothes security guard can help you.

In-Store Surveillance

If you're experiencing a high degree of shoplifting in your store, a plainclothes security guard conducting in-store surveillance can be beneficial. Shoppers who plan to steal from you will be on their toes if they see the presence of uniformed security personnel, but shoppers might be more lax when they think that no security guards are on the premises. This can allow your guard to walk up and down the aisles and monitor the actions of people who look suspicious. The guard can then take necessary actions, including revealing his or her status as a security guard, upon witnessing a crime.

Employee Inspections

You can experience a wide range of issues with your employees, including their failing to meet their job requirements, stealing from you, and even potentially acting in an inappropriate manner to your customers. Employees who behave in this way will be on the lookout for you but won't be able to detect a plainclothes security guard acting like a shopper. The guard can monitor the status of your problematic employees and then provide a report to you. This can give you the legal grounds to terminate an employee or even pursue criminal charges, depending on the act that has been committed.

Camera Analysis

You might be failing to capture incriminating footage on your in-store security cameras because they're placed poorly. Experienced thieves can identify blind spots in the camera coverage and then commit crimes in these areas. A security guard has the training and experience to walk around your store in street clothes and gain insight into where shoplifting might be committed due to the lack of cameras in the area. He or she can then bring this information to your attention so that you can add more security cameras or move the existing cameras to cover more of your store.